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Maintenance Tips

Bicycle Maintenance Tips

Before Every Ride:

  • Check tire pressure

  • Check quick release on wheels

  • Squeeze brake handle to make sure brakes are working

  • Bounce bike lightly and listen for rattles

After Every Ride:

  • Hose down bike, being careful not to direct spary into the bearings

  • Bounce off excess water and let dry in a warm place

  • When dry, lubricate the chain. Do not use a vegetable based oil as it hardens on the chain and gears

Every Month:

  • Wipe down the bike with a damp cloth and inspect the frame for cracks

  • Inspect rims, pedal cranks and gears for cracks

  • Make sure the headset, the steering stem for the handle bars is tight

  • Clean off the rear gear clusted and re-lubricate

  • Clean the chain rings (on the pedals)

  • Spray the front and rear derailleurs with a silicone spray, like WD-40

  • Lubricate pivot points on the front and rear brakes

  • Check spoke tension

  • Check cables and cable housings

  • Check brake pads for wear

Every Six Months:

  • Check all cables, cable housings, and brake components

  • Check all bearing adjustments on the front and rear hubs, pedals, bottom bracket and head set

  • Check drive train, chain, gears, chain rings and derailleurs

Every Year:

  • Complete overhaul, replace all moving parts that are damaged or worn, replace all bearings and lubricant

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