The Re-Cycle Shop

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Services and Cost


  • Visually inspect bicycle for obvious damage or wear

  • Inspect and make sure all components are secure and tight

  • Adjust front and rear brakes

  • Check and adjust front and rear derailleurs

  • Check all cables and cable housings

  • Lubricate all drive train components

  • Cost $30.00 + parts if necessary - Time - 45 to 60 minutes

Major Tune Up

  • All of the above services

  • Inspect and adjust front wheel axle

  • Inspect and adjust rear wheel axle

  • Inspect and adjust pedal (crank) axle

  • Cost $50.00 + parts if necessary - Time 60 to 90 minutes

Complete Overhaul

  • Bike is stripped of all components to the bare frame

  • Frame and all components are cleaned and inspected for damage and wear

  • All bearings on the bike are re-placed with new bearings, including front and rear wheels, the headset and pedal crank axle

  • All moving parts in the drive train and the head set are lubricated and adjusted to spin freely without play

  • Front and rear brakes removed, brake bosses cleaned and lubricated, pads re-surfaced and adjusted

  • Front and rear wheel rims trued (if necessary)

  • Front and real derailleurs cleaned, inspected, lubricated and adjusted

  • Rear gear clusted removed from wheel, cleaned, inspected and lubricated

  • All cables and cable housings inspected and adjusted

  • Bicycle re-assembled to beyond factory specifications

  • Complete report on work done, including photos and  recommemdations

  • Cost - $80.00 + parts if necessary - Time - 2 to 3 hours

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